Breaking the Iceberg Newsletters

“Our aim is to help you break through your
limiting beliefs so you can live the life you want”


Our newsletters are written for two main reasons:

  • To raise awareness and share information about the existence and impact of limiting beliefs
  • To give people interesting and practical information to help them and their families live their lives to the fullest.

Our newsletters are free and may be shared with others who you think may be interested:

  1. Breaking through…low self-esteem

536-BTI_Newsletter 1-self esteem FINAL

2. Breaking through…New Year’s Resolutions

565-BTI_Newsletter 2-New Year’s Resolutions FINAL

3. Breaking through…a scarcity mindset

590-BTI_Newsletter -Scarcity PDF FINAL[2]

4. Breaking through…your beliefs about ageing

603-BTI_Newsletter -Ageing PDFvFINAL

5. Breaking through…feeling overwhelmed and stressed

624-BTI_Newsletter -Overwhelmed and Stress PDF