How the process has helped people

Jude helped me overcome my fear and anxiety associated with turbulence while flying. Just after one session with Jude I had remarkable results. I flew to India and back and all my flights were a breeze and enjoyable. Returning to Sydney the flight was turbulent quite a few times and I managed without a problem – no pills, just my trusty lavender and geranium oil! It just felt so different, hard to put into words. I am so grateful to Jude and I cannot thank her enough. I’m over the moon! SM, Gordon

Jude has been a wonderful support for me for some years now. She has always been a reliable source of intuitive wisdom, care and practical help. With Jude’s help, I’ve made many breakthroughs and overcome a number of limiting beliefs that were holding me back with my business. My negative beliefs about money were changed and I now see the value of how I help people and the pricing of my services. I have no hesitation in recommending her to help you break the iceberg”! DK, Croydon

I consider myself a successful person. However success came at a cost. Days often filled with fear ranging from niggling unrest about every decision made in case it is wrong …to overwhelming paralysis about the potential outcome of future unpleasant events. Sessions with Jude Tasker are miraculous. Not only does she help me to trust the process and expand my belief in myself, her intuitive questioning helps me to establish the root cause of my fear. She has helped me to ”lean into my life” and enjoy my success. CB, Casula

Jude is a wonderful healer and life coach. Her wisdom has been invaluable. Jude has helped me to face cancer with a positive and can-do mindset. AR, Enmore

Over the last 5 years, every time I travelled overseas, I caught a cold or sore throat or felt really unwell which was so frustrating. It was also annoying to be spending money on a trip only to feel unwell most of the time.

I decided to ‘test the water’ and organised a session with Jude even though I really couldn’t see how ‘changing my beliefs’ had anything to do with my travel illnesses.

Well, I have to say I’m delighted with the results. Since consulting with Jude and going through her recommended processes I have travelled overseas 4 times and felt fabulous.

Now, I’m planning to work with her again to identify and remove/change any beliefs I have that could be restricting my life.

I have no hesitation in recommending this to anyone. Jude has a practical but calm and intuitive approach to her work that makes it easy for you to trust her. DK, Rozelle

Jude is very professional and caring in her approach with clients. She helped me with my goal “that I’m ready now to make my business flourish”. Through the process I realised I had limiting beliefs of not being good enough and not wanting to blow my own trumpet. I know I got some of those beliefs from my childhood. Soon after starting the process I became very clear about my business direction and the unique capabilities that I bring to it. Since then my business has been going from strength to strength. Whenever I work with Jude, I feel respected, supported and understood. SV, Sydney

I have seen Jude for healing of limiting beliefs and found the experience to be so helpful. I’ve struggled to accept unexpected gifts but after a session with Jude I had a break-through – that very night at dinner with friends I was given a thank-you gift as well as a gift from their recent holiday. Low and behold I happily accepted them both with gratitude and no uneasy feelings – so a test within the day of treatment. I love the serendipity of life! Jude is an empathic and intuitive person who practices with high ethical and moral standards. I am very grateful for Jude’s skills and help. MM, Henley

As a new business owner I was very uncomfortable delivering my ’30 second commercial’ at business networking meetings. Jude worked with me to help overcome this, and through her belief-changing process we squashed my limiting beliefs, improved my self-confidence and sense of worth and I am now able to promote my business with ease. Jude can help you get to that place you long to be. LC, Baulkham Hills

I have attended a number of sessions with Jude to address issues I had in dispelling some of my limiting beliefs – some of these I was unaware of! Those sessions have involved exploring business relationships, personal finances, future planning and to a lesser degree my personal relationships. I have found the sessions with Jude to be very productive with them leading to the clearing of obstacles that had been slowing my moving forward to achieve these both complex and simple personal and business goals. I am most grateful for my time with Jude. TA, Abbotsford

My daughter Charlie was having a very difficult time separating from my wife when she started preschool which was very distressing for all of us. We consulted Jude and she suggested we do a PSYCH-K balance in surrogation (where I was Charlie’s surrogate) to help Charlie adapt to preschool. We did the balance and the results were quite remarkable. My wife was able to take her to school without tears from anyone, including my wife! DK, Croydon